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Explore SuperTeacher, a groundbreaking milestone in the history of education that seamlessly merges pedagogy and technology. From captivating lesson structures to interactive activities, SuperTeacher provides the arsenal needed to captivate minds and unleash the full potential of every learner.

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XSEED adopts inquiry-based, constructivist learning with feedback

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An accomplished team of industry experts, hailing from both India and abroad, is spearheading a revolution in 21st-century education. Armed with cutting-edge technology and advanced skills, this team is disrupting the status quo and transforming the way we approach learning.


Chief Commercial Officer & Interim CEO XSEED SuperTeacher India. As a Chartered Accountant and seasoned operations management expert, Rahul has rich experience in manufacturing, media, and education. Drawing on his extensive experience at GE, Whirlpool, HT, and XSEED, he plays a pivotal role in overseeing various aspects of the organization's work.

Anju Dhillon

Anju leads academic authoring at XSEED SuperTeacher. Anju has expertise in various aspects of K-12 education including classroom teaching, training & coaching, content development, and early-childhood. She has been at the forefront of delivering content for several editions of XSEED SuperTeacher content.


Amit leads marketing for SuperTeacher India. He has unique marketing, branding, and customer acquisition experience, in a wider range of industries. Amit understands both the digital and traditional worlds of marketing, and his motto is to bring a "digital first" approach to marketing and business problem-solving.

The Power of XSEED

SuperTeacher is backed by the learning, teaching, and innovation expertise of XSEED Singapore.


Ashish quit his corporate career in Paris to pursue his passion for education. He developed the XSEED method of learning based on his years of research and teaching experience. He holds an Ed.M from Harvard Graduate School of Education, an MBA from XLRI, and has prior experience at P&G and Danone. Operating from Singapore, he serves as the chairman of the XSEED board, actively engaging in research and development as well as fostering innovation.


Nick assumes leadership in academic content at XSEED while also making valuable contributions to various other domains. With extensive experience as an educator and curriculum designer in the United States and South Korea, Nick brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to XSEED. His deep understanding of both psychology and education enables him to design innovative and effective learning programs that are tailored to meet the needs of every student.